Bioresonance and Mandala Light Therapy Information Evening

HÄLSA Spa is committed to bringing you experiences that will benefit your Being on all levels. To that end, we’re excited to introduce some new modalities that we feel complement our offerings.

The aim of everything we offer is to serve your Body, your Heart, your Mind and your Spirit… bringing you greater ease, bliss, health, peace and overall wellness of Being. We’re committed to the very best practices to serve you and your wellness goals.

We invite you to an evening introduction to the Mandala Light Therapy Systems and Bioresonance Therapy. New to the HÄLSA Spa Family, Practitioner Morgaine Owens will speak about these offerings and how they can benefit your wellbeing.

The human body is a truly magnificent creation! Within a hurried and often stress-filled lifestyle, how can we create harmony and optimum function of all parts of our Being? How can we use the knowledge of the human as an electromagnetic organism and quantum frequency generator to benefit the cells as well as the emotional and mental experience of our lives? What does light, sound, electricity, the earth and the human body have in relationship? How can we use this information to our advantage and benefit? Join us for a beautiful evening of information, hands-on experiencing of the modalities and fun, informative gathering of minds and hearts as we explore our best practices for living our most beautiful lives!

Introduction to Bioresonance Therapy and Mandala Light Therapy Systems
Date: Tuesday, February 18, 2020 @ 7:00pm
Location: HÄLSA Spa Lounge

What we will learn:

–        How disease/ disorders manifest in the body.

–        How cells and organs function optimally

–        How electromagnetic frequencies are used for optimal functioning of the cells and organs

–        What is the relationship of sound, light, and electromagnetic frequencies to the body and it’s cells, organs, and body as a whole?

–        How do these modalities complement the therapies already on offer in the spa?

–        What other simple practices can we do in our daily lives to create optimal functioning of our Being as a whole?


Morgaine Owens is a heart-full and sensitive Being dedicated to the wellness of all those she meets. Her training includes:
Certified Holographic Kinetics Practitioner
Certified Rebirthing Breathwork specialist
DONA trained Doula
certified Hypnobirthing Childbirth Educator
trained Bioresonance Therapy Practitioner
trained Biofeedback and Mandala Light Therapy Practitioner

The event is finished.


Feb 18 2020


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm



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