Update June 12th 2020

We’ve been open for floating and infrared sauna for almost 3 weeks and have found our rhythm here. These services lend themselves to physical distancing so it has been a smooth transition. We are leaving more time between appointments and working with a smaller team so we may need to leave the desk and lock the door occasionally and would ask for your patience.

As we open up for massage on Monday, June 15th, we do have a few additional steps to keep everyone comfortable and safe.

Some of the changes:

  1. First and foremost: IF YOU ARE FEELING UNWELL AT ALL, PLEASE DO NOT COME IN! We’re waiving our cancellation fees in the event of sickness but if you come in and are obviously ill (coughing, fever, sneezing, etc…) we’ll turn you away at the door.
  2. We will be leaving more time between appointments to ensure that all rooms are thoroughly cleaned. We use a Health Canada approved, botanically derived disinfectant for all touch surfaces and stabilized ozone inside our float rooms. This means we’ll need to shorten floats to 80 minutes to accommodate, and as mentioned above, will be leaving the desk sometimes.
  3. We ask you to maintain physical distance when in HÄLSA
  4. We’ll continue to keep all common areas clean and sanitized regularly.
  5. Bodyworkers will be wearing masks while in the massage rooms with you and while doing intake and will ask you to wear a mask while laying on your back.
    Please bring your own mask.
    There will be no work on the face for now.
  6. We have a COVID waiver for you to sign before your massage appointment indicating that you are not exhibiting any of the symptoms, have not travelled in the past 14 days, and have not been around anyone that is sick.
  7. Please be assured that we’re monitoring ourselves for any signs of illness and will not be coming in if not feeling 100%. We’d ask for your patience and understanding if we need to reschedule.

We look forward to welcoming you back in! Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns, and as always, we wish you radiant health.

Your Friends at HÄLSA